Welcome to the website of the Asian Talk community newspaper - local community newspaper covering Leicester, Leamington and Coventry.

A unique regional newspaper built on creative editorial that brings readers and advertisers together.

Why advertise with us? Our community newspaper covers Leicester, Leamington & Coventry.


We offer you an advert in the paper - a quality monthly newspaper that the public in your area can pick up for free. Small local businesses can advertise in our newspaper repeatedly at affordable prices.


We offer you free internet advertising - do you have a website that is not working for you? Have you ever wondered why? We offer all our advertisers free website advertising whereby the public can view the paper online and click on your advert which is directed to your website.

We offer you a free design service - whatever your advert may be we will design or redesign your advert absolutely free.


More reasons to advertise with us - our newspaper brings you interesting editorials to appeal to the Asian community as we try and cover all events and news. All our articles are written by local people who have the opportunity to write monthly columns ensuring local interest.


Local distribution - Asian Talk is available at most newsagents and supermarkets.

Asian Talk is also available at most petrol stations, fish and chip shops, cafes and other outlets.


Wide distribution - the newspaper is available throughout Coventry, Leicester & Royal Leamington Spa.


Advert - please email us a copy of your advert and the size you would like to place with us. Also let us know if you would like any changes to the advert. If you do not have an advert that we can use, please email or phone us, our design team will help you produce a stylish advert.


Proof - once your advert is produced we will email or provide you with a copy to ensure that you are happy with the advert before going to print.


We look forward to hearing from you.